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Fundraising through science

The Charity Engine has ambitions to be a worldwide computer.

If you can’t decide which type of project to support, Charity Engine could be the answer. It provides volunteers’ computing time to a collection of hand-chosen projects and raises money for charities at the same time. By joining Charity Engine, volunteers have the chance to win a cash prize of up to a million dollars, every few weeks.

Charity Engine raises funds for its associated charities, as well for its prize draws, by selling volunteers’ computing time in bulk to science and industry. Its volunteers are not asked to support any particular science project; they simply agree to let Charity Engine send ethical work to their PCs.

“Our volunteers are joining to make computer-generated charity donations and prize draw entries, they might not actually care about the science,” says Mark McAndrew, founder of Charity Engine. “But that’s fine, because all that idle, wasted computing power will make Charity Engine the ultimate supercomputer - and we love the science.”