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Volunteer computing in 30 "

Volunteer computing in 30 seconds

“Volunteer computing” is a type of distributed computing in which computer owners can donate their spare computing resources (processing power, storage and Internet connection) to one or more research projects. 

Volunteer desktops, laptops, and mobile phones can be connected to form the equivalent of a single, huge and super-powerful computer - a volunteer desktop grid!  computers often only use between 10% and 15% of their total processing capacity so there’s a lot of potential power available.

Nearly a million dedicated volunteers and their hardware are making a big difference to science, enabling projects that would be impossible without massive computing power. In volunteer computing, a problem is divided into many tasks, each of which is solved by one or more computers at once.

It doesn’t have to be a passive past-time as some projects require not only processing power but also the collective thinking-power of volunteers to tackle problems.

Take a walk through the rest of this website to find out how you can become a citizen cyberscientist.

Find out where it all started, the benefits of volunteer computing, as well as the differences between volunteer computing and other types of grids and much more...