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Who volunteers?

Anybody can volunteer who has his or her PC connected to the Internet.

Nicole Vasapolli

Nicole Vasapolli, BOINC volunteer - “I’m a meteorologist so was originally interested in donating my computing time for climate research as it was related to my work. But, as time went on, I began to take part in many other exciting life science projects, to assist scientists in solving pressing problems. I’ve found that BOINC is free, easy to install and it’s an entertaining way to be part of scientific progress.”

Morgan Duarte

Morgan Duarte, BOINC volunteer - “I’m sharing my computing resources with BOINC to help solve tomorrow’s challenges and be more involved in scientific progress and our future. I believe it is an efficient way to use our continuously increasing computers’ power without affecting my own personal use. For me, volunteering my computer for science is very rewarding.”

Wenjing Wu

Wenjing Wu, research assistant from Institute of High Energy of Physics(IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences.
I only started to volunteer when I became one of the managers of a Chinese volunteer computing project(CAS@home), but I think it is never too late to be one! In my opinion, volunteer computing is a very powerful efficient technology and it can really help scientists with their huge computing requirements. It is an especially useful solution for scientists with low computing resource budgets, and so as a volunteer I like to participate in projects from less developed countries.